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Song of ~Sinigang~
June 2022

This cooking video collages the significance of Filipino recipes & cultural stewardship in the U.S. as a form of anti-imperial activism.  

Storytelling, song, poetry, and prose carry the viewer through a chef’s arrival to finding their voice in cooking and democratic organizing. 

Green Screen Quarantine
April 2020

A video collage of cellphone footage taken during the 2020 New York City lockdown period embodied by a dancing figure in front of a green screen.

This video is “screened” as a looping virtual background in Zoom during virtual dance events, allowing me to dance anonymously when desired.

Fall 2015

I’m Every Woman | Whitney Houston
Fall 2015

A karaoke video of “I’m Every Woman” in the style of Whitney Houston plays over a home video of myself and my collaborator, Emilio Martinez Poppe, in our first apartment.

The video documents Emilio making lunch, dancing, and then inspecting a broken mirror (which broke as we were videotaping).

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