KT Pe Benito (they/them) is a time-based interdisciplinary artist, arts administrator, caregiver, and collaborator navigating access and dismantling dominator culture.

Their work in writing and art making is diaristic and concerns larger systems and complexes at work around them in their daily life such as politicizing their late Filipino grandmother's hypothesized existence, sustaining victim.survivor Filipinx futurity, linking daily life to structural marginalization and recognizing U.S. colonization onto a queer hapa body. They're interested in the interpolation of the somatic shape they were born into and how it continues to stereotype (read: determine) their labor, their lovers, their online personas, and real life's path.


[image description: KT, an agender Filipinx-white person, expresses contempt in an examination room with a phoropter over their shoulder]