photo by Lola Flash for the
Queer|Art Community Portrait Project

[image description: KT, an agender Filipinx-white person with long black hair, wears a cropped long sleeve top and smiles at the camera with their elbow propped on a rail at Christopher Street Pier with a background of water from the Hudson River]
KT Pe Benito (they/them/siya) is a time-based interdisciplinary artist, arts administrator, caregiver, and organizer navigating access and dismantling dominator culture.

Their work in writing and art making is diaristic and concerns their late Filipino grandmother's hypothesized existence, how to sustain victim.survivor futurity, linking daily life to structural marginalization, and recognizing where nation-state colonization impedes upon a queer pinay bodymindsoul.

They focus on the interpolation of the somatic shape they were born into as it continues to stereotype (read: determine) their labor, their lovers, their online personas, and real life's path.