GLA/NYC Love Hangover

Video work by KT Pe Benito on view
at David Dale Gallery
June 28, 2019

Programmed by Cabbage and Christian Noelle Charles

Artist platform Cabbage and artist Christian Noelle Charles (CC TIME) have come together to collaboratively curate a one night event hosted at David Dale Gallery.

An evening of moving image from New York based artists and performances from Glasgow based artists exploring themes of love, music and music video formats within contemporary artistic practices. The night celebrates unity and explorations of the inner self through pop culture and joy as tools of resistance.

Featuring performances by
Liv Fontaine
Nina Mdwaba
Vasco Ryb

Moving image by
Ariel Jackson
Maria Kofman
Hunty Mayton
KT Pe Benito

Vinyl mural by Hussein Mitha

Text source

Cabbage is a nomadic creative platform for artists working in moving image, performance and publication. Cabbage is directed by JJ Tipton who is currently based in Shetland and Glasgow.

Christian Noelle Charles is a Black Female Artist currently living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. A Syracuse, New York native, Christian’s work is an exploration of female representation and self-love in a contemporary world.

Video works by KT Pe Benito as screened at GLA/NYC Love Hangover

“StopMakingSense&BeUgly” (2015)

"I'm Every Woman" in the style of Whitney Houston (2016)
featuring Emilio Martinez Poppe

"Me, Myself, and I" by Beyoncé (2016)

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