struggle, do not be afraid

                                                                             you have nothing to fear

[image description: yellow homepage with thumbnails of KT Pe Benito’s artwork & organizing work. on the top right, a small circular thumbnail of legs are illuminated by a flashlight in blue, black shadow. below is a picture of KT giving a speech in a park standing in front of the Philippine flag. in the center is a wide Vimeo video player with a thumbnail of boiling red broth with yellow overlaid text that reads “Song of Sinigang”. under the video player are two lines of text that read “struggle, do not be afraid you have nothing to fear” along with two more images below. the leftmost image is a hand-painted poster that holds a tagalog phrase “makibaka huwag matakot” which translates to “struggle, do not be afraid”. next to that image is a sketch of a ghost looking at its reflection in a rectangular, full-length mirror. the text below the drawing reads “you have nothing to fear”. the website theme is a warm yellow background with a black text.]