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(Growing out of colonialism for my grandmother's sake)

images courtesy of Queens Museum, additional images below

KT Pe Benito's ongoing work is a personal representation of Filipinx migration history to the United States. Working through the lens of a one-sided correspondence with their late grandmother Faustina, Pe Benito has organized a compilation of personal effects and symbolically charged materials into a site of research on their own non-binary Filipinx identity.

They employ the pegboard as the support for these letters, merchandise, collages, and objects from family members, all referring to their migration stories. Stories and information were gathered through conversations with the artist's aunt and father. The objects are reorganized periodically over the course of the show. Pe Benito's work is meant to promote self-care for any displaces, migrant, or non-normative individual who might need to "detox" from dominant culture

Mixed media installation: drawing, photography, collage, printed matter, clipboards, foam core, cardboard, coroplast, custom T-shirts, insoles, starfish sandals, hand mirror, Trader Joe's dried mango, Philippine brand dried mango, banana chips, and torn pages from a U.S. history textbook


On view at the Queens Museum Oct 7, 2018 - Feb 24, 2019

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